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Yes we can! We have many 5* reviews of which we are very proud of. These are accessible via our Facebook page and Google. These have been collated on our website too, underneath the ‘Testimonials’ tab.

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We don’t have a specific in-house style at Mackenzie Paige Interiors because we appreciate that everyone has a different style and different tastes. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any style, so that we really can help anybody.

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Yes, we can. We have links with certain local tradespeople who we trust and gladly recommend. We are not affiliated with these people or companies. Some even offer our clients specific discounts!

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Yes! At Mackenzie Paige Interiors we believe that everyone should be entitled to a wonderful home. We work to all budgets and can source and recommend products from a variety of shops and sellers.

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Prices vary, but at Mackenzie Paige Interiors our prices start from as little as £99 per room.

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This of course varies from different designers, but we work with you our client to design and shape the best possible design for your space. There is a lot more to it than just placing cushions on a sofa and we work to consider a multitude of things – pets, children, which way the room faces, funny angles and lots more. From the start to the end of the design, we will think of things we have been specifically trained to consider, in order to conceive the most wonderful spaces.

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Yes! We know just too well how long it takes to scrawl through pages on the internet looking for that special light, or chair. We also know how overwhelming this can be to see thousands of results of different styles and not know how to put them together in your home. We are experts at this, and it has been commented a few times that we know what our client wants even before they do! Mackenzie Paige Interiors can save you time as we know exactly what to look for and exactly how to create the style that you want.

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Whilst most people can source things to make their home unique to them, an Interior Designer can offer a lot more in-depth knowledge into how items and details in a design can work together to really create the best and most beautiful schemes. We are professionals at what we do, and whether it be dressing your house for a sale, or wanting to renovate a room, we are the best equipped at coordinating the whole scheme to give you somewhere unique, stunning, and personal to you.

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Our Interior Design Services

A design report is something we create for many of our services. It is an often lengthy written report which explains all the design decisions and recommendations that we have put forward to you.

Some of our services benefit from 3D rendered visuals. You might hear us say this term. For those services, we build a 3D model of the selected room / space and implement the recommendations into these visuals to show you how the recommended design and specific recommended products (or close representations) will look. When we work on the model, the colours and textures are skewed and unrepresentative, however, once we ‘render’ these, you will receive the photorealistic visuals of your design!

A presentation board is a board (physical or digital dependent on the selected service) which contains photographs and/or samples of the recommended elements of the design scheme. They are a great tool of being able to see how different elements of a design really can come together.

Yes, it can. We appreciate that particularly at the moment, people are feeling vulnerable at having people around them in their homes. We will gladly work remotely and offer video calls instead of an in-person consultation. We have a proven track record of this working just as well as face to face consults.

Once you have made contact, we will arrange a consultation with you. Here we will discuss the best service for you. Our consultation will include us taking photos of the space and measurements too. After this we will send you an email confirming our recommendations on the best suited service, and the pricing of this. If you wish to proceed, we will provide you with a ‘Welcome Pack’ questionnaire and our Terms of Service. This includes information of our terms and conditions, deposit information and the all-important questionnaire to understand how best we can make the design suitable for you!

Absolutely, we know that creating a design takes a lot more and goes beyond sending you a design. We’re here for follow up questions, advice, and all everything in between. We also love seeing progress photos from our clients so always gladly receive these!

We accept payment via bank transfer and we also accept credit card payments.

This depends what other projects we have going on at the same time and depends on each individual design. Some designs can take longer than others – it’s quite a flexible concept. One design can flow and be curated quite smoothly and easily, whereas others may take longer to make them right. Samples often take time to arrive too. We keep our clients updated throughout to ensure they have ideas of when to expect their design works.

With our Ruby & Golden room packages, 50% of the price is due before the design commences, with the remaining 50% due on receipt of the design. Our Diamond room package requires 25% of the price before the design, and the remaining 75% on receipt of the design.  The hourly services require a £25 deposit and the remaining balance on receipt of the work.

A full breakdown of what is included in each of the packages is listed on our Interior Design Services page. To make it easy, we have bullet pointed what is included so it is transparent. If you’d like to go ahead, we also provide you with a ‘Terms of Service’ sheet which explains these further.

Of course it is. some clients like us to stick to a certain time limit on the hourly advice which we are more than happy to do. Please just let us know if you would like us to do this.

Once you have contacted Mackenzie Paige Interiors, we will arrange for a free consultation. Here, we can look at the space wanting to be designed and can advise on the best course of action for you.

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