1920s Lounge Interior Design Project In Fleet, Hampshire

This project truly was a huge transformation! My client’s lounge started as a magnolia shell,
with 2 miss match brown sofas, and other ‘miss match’ furniture too which created a space
which was cold and uninviting.

With no limitations on this brief, and the guidance of ‘Art Deco’, we were able to go to town
on this project.

It’s always important when following a ‘theme’ to avoid going too cliché… It’s imperative to
avoid making a space look too themed as the end result of that is one which will cheapen an

As such, it is important to ensure its done in a subtle, classy and understated way to truly
create a space which is unique but luxurious.

With a navy colour scheme, dark walnut accents and gold detailing, the end result of this
project is bold and striking. There are a few statement pieces which are quite typically Art
Deco, but the remaining details of Art Deco are much more subtle, from the detailing on the
arms of the sofa, to the types of flowers used and shapes of some of the decorative pieces.