Contemporary Lounge Interior Design Project In Fleet, Hampshire

This project started as a white shell for my clients. Again a new build house which was crying
out for some personality. Having met my clients and seeing the rest of their house, I knew
they were wanting a contemporary scheme with some more natural details added to it too.

We worked to create a striking and luxurious lounge but one which was still welcoming and

Using a navy colour palette which balanced the white walls and a wooden cladded feature
to create a focal point in the space we made a striking contemporary living space.

The wooden cladding picked up on the wooden side tables, and the nature theme was only
enhanced further through the inclusion of the large plants and bamboo floor lights.

The juxtaposition between deluxe detailing such as the gold ceiling lights, contemporary
shaped sofa, gold detailed cushions and formal layout with the much more grounded and
natural elements mentioned above, work beautifully to establish a very ‘design conscious’
but still welcoming lounge.